Question 1

Choose an organisation for the group as the context for your answers in this assignment;
address the following questions:

You may refer to the corporate website of the organisation chosen.

(a) For the organisation of your choice, suggest two (2) strategic objectives for each of the four Balanced Scorecard perspectives (financial, customer, internal business process and learning & growth). Identify the corresponding measure and target for each of the strategic objectives. Please give the answer in tabular format as illustrated below. (Maximum word count: 200 words)

Balanced scorecard perspectiveStrategic objectiveMeasureTarget
(b) Use Tableau to plot a visualisation chart for each of the measures suggested in part (a) (total 8 charts) and provide a screenshot of each chart with a meaningful title. Discuss why each chart is appropriate for its corresponding measure and a conclusion drawn in 4-5 lines below each respective screenshot of the chart. (Maximum word count: 500 words)
You will need to create your own datasets using the information on corporate website as a starting point, but you can also obtain relevant data from other online sources (if available).

Question 2

With reference to the dataset < Development indicators_country_GBA.xlsx> given, answer the below questions:

(a) Examine the data and identify the data type (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio) for each variable. Calculate the number of observations and provide useful summary statistics (i.e., mean, median, mode) for each variable. Tabulate your answer as per the format given below (use Microsoft Excel):

VariableData typeNumber                        of observationsSummary statistics
  XX  XX  XXMean Median Mode
  XX  XX  XXMean Median Mode

(b) Identify the data quality issues and use an appropriate treatment method for each issue identified. Prepare the data for visualisation using Microsoft Excel. Provide a screenshot highlighting each data quality issue and a screenshot of the treated data after the corresponding data treatment. (Maximum word count: 250 words)
(16 marks)
Your group shall submit original work. Do not copy any content of your submission from any source (regardless of public or private). The GBA submission should not exceed 1200 words. The word count does not include references, cover page and figure/chart/table titles.
20 marks will be allocated to the professional presentation and writing of your GBA report; e.g., covering the following aspects,
• Organisation
• Communication of ideas
• Grammar
• Citation and reference
Make sure the different questions and parts are clearly labelled in your report. Your report should be self-contained with all relevant Tableau and MS Excel screenshots. (20 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Data Visualisation

Answer 1:

The organisation that is selected for a purpose of analysis is Singapore Airlines. Two important strategic objectives for each of the four important perspectives of a balanced scorecard of Singapore Airlines are discussed as follows:
Financial: From the financial point of view, the strategic objective of Singapore Airlines is to achieve improvement in its profitability performance by achieving operational efficiency.

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