The assignment writing service offered by are subjected to certain important terms and conditions as mentioned below:

Services Offered and Its Usage Terms

  • The services offered by includes assignment help, essay help and research proposal and dissertation writing services. The company strictly expects students not to submit our experts’ written papers to their University as it is. These papers are to be used as a model paper, and they can be referred to while students do their own assignments.
  • We provide amendments to the papers written by our expert and they are subject to specific terms and conditions. The maximum number of days that we offer to revise a paper is 7 days after the paper is submitted to the student. The service is available for free of cost provided the revision requests are genuine.

Refund Policy and Conditions

  • The refund policy of is very simple and straightforward. Once a payment is done, and a student comes up with a request to cancel the assignment, the student will be entitled to 75% of the amount paid initially as refund. The remaining 25% is considered as consulting fees and will not be refunded. This scenario is applicable provided the student requests to cancel the assignment within the first three hours of ordering it.
  • There will be no refund possible once the writer starts working on an assignment.
  • Refunds are possible only in legitimate cases. The student is required to prove the mistake of the writer in order to be eligible for refund. There is a specific time limit of 10 days considered to ask for a refund. This time limit is calculated from the date the assignment is delivered to the student.

Payment Processing Terms

  • The payment process followed by the company is entirely online, and no physical method of payment is accepted. The company has specific payment gateway partners, and the payment process is 100% SSL secured and managed by third parties.

Order Completion Intimation Terms

  • As the entire process is carried out online, the delivery of services is also performed online through email. There are email intimations provided regarding the delivery of assignments. The communication process is carried out through email, live chat integrated on company’ website and via WhatsApp.