Question 1
Assume that you are a reporter with Straits Times Online

Applying the principles and practice of online newswriting, write a newsworthy story for Straits Times Online about an increasing number of Singaporean workers taking on more than one job to earn a sufficient living.

According to a survey by Qualtrics in 2022, 59% of Singapore-based workers have begun looking or are planning to look for a second job due to the rising cost of living in this country.

For more information on this survey, please read: focus/rising-cost-living-pushing-more-half-singaporeans-look-2nd-job

The story should include interview quotes from at least two working adults based in Singapore who are currently taking on additional jobs or side hustles on top of their full-time work. Consider a newsworthy story angle before you write an 800-word online news article that must be accompanied by a headline that captures the essence of your story.

Your story should have the following elements:
• Develop a clear and focused story angle that would engage Straits Times Online
readers. The story should be structured in an inverted pyramid style.
• Include relevant information that shows primary and secondary research was conducted for a credible article. No APA Citation formatting is required. Website links may be included on a separate page at the end of the article to indicate where the information was obtained.
• Quote and integrate at least TWO (2) interviewees into the story. They should be working adults based in Singapore who are currently taking on additional jobs or side hustles on top of their full-time work. Interviewees must be real persons, and the interviews must have been conducted by you either through video-conferencing or in person.
• Interviewees must sign consent forms and indicate clearly their full names and contact details. This will be kept confidential and may consist of either their mobile numbers or email. Verification of the interviews will be done by the markers. Completed consent forms must be submitted as part of the ECA (and not via email), and incomplete consent forms will be rejected. 20 marks will be deducted for non- submission of consent forms or invalid consent forms. The signed consent forms should be inserted in the Word document as JPGs and not as embedded PDFs.
• You are to include FIVE relevant hyperlinks within your story. These could be positioned within the main story and/or related links where you decide would best fit. The hyperlinks must link to a site when clicked.
• The online story must include a headline that is SEO-friendly.
• The total word count of the story is 800 words, with a buffer of +/- 10% (80 words). Indicate your word count at the end of the article. Markers will not mark any work beyond 880 words. (70 marks)

Question 2

Propose THREE (3) multimedia elements that you would include in your online story. For each element, provide detailed descriptions of what kind of content will be covered.

Discuss and justify how each multimedia element syncs up and adds value to the reader experience of the main text story in Question 1. Each multimedia element answer should be 100 words, with a buffer of +/- 10% (10 words). No references are required.

Optional: You may include graphics (e.g., “mock-up” web layouts, screengrabs) to support your suggestions. However, please note that marks will not be awarded for the aesthetics of these visuals.
(30 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Writing for Online News

Answer 1: Singapore employees doing multiple jobs in order to combat high cost of living
There are a number of employees in Singapore working on multiple jobs in order to cover up the cost of living as the cost of living continues to soar across the country. Singaporeans are faced with economic challenges because of rising expenses.

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